About us

Manufacturing program:

In our basic manufacturing program the company is engaged in manufacturing of pallet racking according to European standards. Apart from the equipment for various types of storages, warehouses, coolers… We are also engaged in manufacturing of various types of shelves and shelving racks intended for various types of retails (department stores, grocery stores, and bakeries), middleweight shelving racks, cantilevered shelves as well as manufacturing wardrobes, filling cabinets, fire cabinets and INOX cabinets which all satisfy HASSAP standards (standards about food safety). We can also offer you the possibility of manufacturing steel constructions according to your own needs such as platforms, galleries, stairways…

In doing so we are at your disposal in providing design solutions for furnishing. In our manufacturing workshops with highly qualified workers, we are in ability to produce our high quality final products from domestic raw materials. This puts us among the leading companies In Serbia in the category of small and medium enterprises with above mentioned product range. The proximity of all important major highways and the potential of future developing of road and railway traffic provide limitless opportunities for intensive developing of the company. Our company fulfils the demands of ISO standards 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 OHASAS 18001:2007 which is confirmed by Certop certificates.

We have equally successful cooperation with buyers from Serbia as well as with many other foreign countries.